Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It means that any device can come into the corporate network and it is not paid for or owned by the company. It is paid for and owned by the individual.

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. This is standard for home and internet networks. That is, it has no standards.

Corporate networks, however, do run on standards. The risk associated with BYOD is they are:

  • not owned or controlled by the company

  • tend to access higher risk home and public wifi networks on the road

  • generally portable and can wander in and out of the corporate network.

It’s also important to remember that most devices are also recording devices and could compromise everything from a board room meeting to a by-the-cooler chat to taking a photo of a screen.

The BYOD cyber security risks to mitigate, therefore, are:

1) access to the corporate network,

2) information stored on the BYO devices,

3) information communicated via the device.

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