Knowing what to do

It is a given that things can go wrong, particularly when it comes to technology, incidents and cyberbaddies.

It is important to know, then, what to do if something goes wrong with our cyber security both at home and at work. This could be due to things such as accidentally clicking on a malicious link, attachment or message, or something starts to not look or feel right with my machine, information or devices.

Where can we start in knowing what to do when something goes wrong is important at home, on the road, and at work? The first thing to do is isolate an incident and disconnect the affected machine or device from the internet. Then, notify those who may be affected and people who can help you fix it. At home this may be your techie friend or service provider. At work, your contact will be provided to you as part of your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Here are some community views on training and understanding cybersecurity:

Here are some technical service providers of incident response in your area:

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