Strong passwords may make us harder targets. However, the issues with passwords are multiple. For starters, if an attacker has compromised a user’s machine or device, they can potentially see or grab their passwords, file contents and system access privileges. Regardless, passwords remain at the time of writing a very important part of cyber-security.

Password policies desirably include, at a minimum, 15 mixed case characters and numbers that are unique for every system used. Sometimes it is suggested to consider thinking of long passwords as passphrases.

Once your password is hacked in one place, if you have the same password on all logins, you become easy to hack for all of the services you use on the internet (see Scenario 4 of the Gotcha! Book). Where offered, it is a good idea to implement 2 or multi factor authentication options. A second factor – or multiple factors – can be helpful, such as a code from a text or fob, or biometric scan.

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