Social Media Leakage

Social Media in the online sense is usually looked at as a way to connect and communicate with many people, and more often we hear the term Social Media Marketing. However, Social Media is also a gift for attackers.

We are increasingly publicly displaying who we are, who we are connected to, how we are connected to them, what we like and dislike, what is new and old, and what is of interest to us. Attackers are using this valuable information to better target us.

Social Media Leakage can provide information through:

  • Press releases

    • They show what is happening in our lives and companies, and that of our supply chain and ecosystem


  • Facebook

    • Which also shows our likes, dislikes and how we react to things.

    • Nicked information

    • Information stolen from other compromised machines and data may be pieced together with big data technologies, along with these other social media channels.

Think about how you and the people you are associated with use Social Media and balance the risk of profiling for good versus bad purposes by limiting what you put out there.

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