Spearphishing is a socially engineered, targeted phishing attack on an individual or group. In this type of attack, the individual or individuals who are being targeted are researched through Social Media Leakage. This will make the email more likely to be trusted by the target. Targeted attacks may also use indirect means such as compromising people the target associates or works with as a stepping stone to accessing the true target’s machine or device; and, finding out personal interests to target less secure sites the target visits, such as a local school or sports website (driveby).

There is an Australian Government cybercrime reporting engine ACORN http://www.acorn.gov.au/ which helps us all generally if defrauded.

Strategies for addressing Spear Phishing attacks can be found on the Australian Government’s CERT site here: https://www.cert.gov.au/advisories/wire-transfer

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